Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 1 Crimson Heist live on Test Server

Ubisoft kicked off Year 6 Season 1 of Rainbow Six Siege by introducing Operation Crimson Siege and now the update is live on the test server. The new update brings a new operator named Flores, along with a reworked Border map. Besides these primary changes there are some test server specific changes as well which are not guaranteed to make it to the main server. 

The new update will spend around 6 weeks for thorough testing and player feedback before making it to the main servers. The new updates and changes coming this year are set to make the game more balanced away from the present which favours defenders. The test server update weighs19GB on UPlay and 6GB on Steam according to this official subreddit.

Operation Crimson Heist: Test server details 

The new operator joining the Team Rainbow ranks is Flores. He is a medium-speed, medium-armor attacking Operator whose DIY device RCE-Ratero is literally a bomb on a drone. This constantly moving drone has a timer trigger during which it becomes bulletproof. 

The Border map is being reworked for Operation Crimson Heist and Ubisoft has amended the ambient noises on the map which the community was asking for a while now.

There's a new secondary weapon called the Gonne-6 which can take out bulletproof gadgets, including bulletproof cameras, deployable shields, Maestro’s Evil Eye turrets, Castle’s barricades, and more, but will only have one round. 

The Match Replay system is being introduced in a beta form and a specific pool of maps is being selected for newcomers to the game. Besides this some operators are getting their loadouts changed while other are having some changes made to their abilities. 

Mozzie's pests will now show a pulsing icon for attacker drones. When Nøkk's HEL Presence Reduction is active it won't trigger proximity-based gadgets, as long as she does not run. Blackbeard is being nerfed again, and Mute is getting a slight buff with Signal Disruptor now disables Claymores and Nomad's Airjabs. 

Dokkaebi and Finka have their frags replaced by stun grenades and their secondaries replaced with Gonne-6 and Twitch's stuns are being replaced with smoke grenades. Kali is also getting a slight damage buff with her CSRX 300 rifle. 

Besides these there are other changes which include Defuser Priority, Streamer Mode and new voice actors for IQ and Capitão. Check out all the changes here

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