Microsoft’s Your Phone app to let you control your phone from Window's device

Microsoft’s Your Phone app is an useful utility that lets you connect your smartphone with your Windows 10 device that you use regularly. By doing so it saves you from picking up your Android device repeatedly to check messages, alerts or even to make or receive calls.

Thanks to constant updates and improvements, Your Phone app has become a well-rounded one. And while you may have a complaint that some important features are limited to flagship Samsung devices, the app will soon let you control the phones’ settings in real-time.

According to ALumia, the next release of Your Phone app will bring forth a new feature called "Indicator management" that the company has been working on and testing for some time.  Once the feature is rolled out to everyone, users will see a set of four new buttons that will let users toggle settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Audio player and Do Not Disturb remotely.

Till now all users were able to see were information like cellular connectivity, WiFi connectivity state etc apart from getting alerts of your phones’ messages, access images and make or receive calls. Any sort of tinkering with the phones’ settings using the Your Phone app as of now is not possible, however, this may change soon.

The new update is a part of v1.21012.195.0+ update and since it is being rolled out in a phased manner, there is a chance that you might not see this on the Your Phone application right away.

In a related piece of news, LG had come up with its own version of Your Phone app to connect and control LG phones using Windows 10 devices. Though this app is still in its beta phase and we couldn’t get it working when we tried it last, it is a rebranded Dell Mobile Connect application and is expected to work exactly like that.

That said, Your Phone application comes natively installed on all Windows 10 devices and is constantly adding new features. It also allows users to launch and use Android applications present on your phone right from the Windows 10 environment, however, as mentioned above this feature is limited to a handful of Samsung devices. The day this feature is available on phones from other companies, Your Phone app stands to become an irreplaceable application.

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