iPhone 12 could be more dangerous for pacemakers than first realized

 The iPhone 12 could be more dangerous for users with pacemakers and implanted defibrillators than first thought. A report by the Henry Ford Heart and Vascular Institute shows that these issues could be very severe. If patients don’t take care, owning an iPhone 12 could be lethal.

This follows Apple’s own statements regarding the safety of its iPhone 12 and Magsafe accessories. The company advised users to keep the products at least 6 inches / 15cm away from their pacemaker or implanted device at all times and to keep it 12 inches / 30cm away if it is wirelessly charging.

If you are considering purchasing an iPhone 12, it might be a good idea to consult your doctor first if you have any kind of implanted medical device or live with someone who does.

The latest research

According to Dr. Gurjit Singh, the lead cardiologist behind this latest report, iPhone 12 devices have a much more powerful magnet than the researchers first realized. The magnet was strong enough to affect a defibrillator implanted in a patient’s chest.

Dr. Singh reported, “We saw on the external defibrillator programmer that the functions of the device were suspended and remained suspended.” Thankfully normal function did return immediately once the iPhone 12 was removed, though Dr. Singh and his colleagues were stunned by their findings.

The team stressed that iPhone users have to be careful about where they carry their phones. Their findings show keeping an iPhone 12 in a shirt or jacket’s upper pocket, could cause potentially deadly issues to the pacemaker and defibrillator functions.

Apple did not have any further comment on these findings when we contacted them directly.

Why do magnets cause so many problems?

Pacemakers and similar medical devices often have to be implanted inside a person’s body in order to work. This would mean that in order to make any slight tweak to the device a patient would have to undergo surgery, something which carries risk even for the most mundane operations.

Instead of this approach, pacemakers and similar products are designed to be controlled via strong magnets, which can be placed over the device to control how it works. Though any magnet can potentially then affect these devices if it’s strong enough. This is why you’ll see warnings about products like the iPhone 12 and for areas where powerful magnets are used. 

If you rely on a pacemaker or any device like it, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor about the safety of certain products and activities if you aren’t sure how they could affect your health.

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