Download Rage 2 for free on your PCs - just for today!

Epic Games Store is continuing with its limited period giveaways where we have seen the likes of  Grand Theft Auto V and Battlefront 2 on offer. The giveaway is limited to just one week and this time round the title on offer is the first-person shooter from Avalanche Studios and Id Software. 

Rage 2 released on May 14 in 2019 and is currently available on PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Google Stadia. But this free edition on Epic Games Store is exclusive for the Microsoft Windows version. This could be downloaded for free till the end of the day today. 

The world of Rage 2 itself is home to an unusual bunch of miscreants that wouldn't be out of place in the likes of Fallout or Far Cry. Set in the year 2165 (30 years after the original outing), players take control of the sole survivor Ranger Walker who must traverse the apocalyptic wasteland to form alliances with three survivor leaders, in order to take down the ruthless military known as the Authority.

Heading up the rogue forces is the warmongering General Cross who, after seemingly being killed at the end of the first game, returns in a new robotic body, ready to unleash his legion of mutants and destroy all that oppose him - you know, that traditional bad guy mantra. 

We wrote in our review that, "Rage 2's main storyline is an enjoyable and chaotic experience full out madcap characters and fast-paced combat but, outside of this, the first person shooter struggles with replays and doesn't offer the player much in terms of side missions and challenges to keep things interesting."

Rage 2 is currently priced at Rs 3,999 on Steam for PC and Rs 1,380 for the PS4 version on Flipkart. While the Xbox One edition on Flipkart is priced at Rs 1,544 and it can also be purchased from 

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