Are you missing the PUBG New State in India? PUBG 2 might be worth waiting for

PUBG developer Krafton recently announced PUBG New State for Android and iOS. But all the while PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X and S users were hoping for a new PUBG 2 game, which even tipsters had leaked. Gamers in India were disappointed since Krafton announced no plans for an India launch. 

While these hopes seemed to fade a little after the release of PUBG New State trailer, the hopes have been reaffirmed by a tipster. According to information we gleaned, PUBG 2 for PC and consoles will be a different game and has nothing to do with the release of PUBG New State. And since PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for PC and console is still available in India the hopes for PUBG 2 is there as well. 

PUBG 2 not PUBG New State

When a professional PUBG player named DrasseL asked about PUBG 2 for PC and console in a reply to PUBG dataminer and leaker PlayerIGN who incidentally leaked the news of PUBG 2. 

DrasseL asked, "Wait, so the PUBG 2 that we're waiting for on pc, this is it? Its going to be this PUBG:New State set in 2051?" To which PlayerIGN replied saying, "New state is only for mobile, the pubg 2 thing (pc/console) is someth we're still waiting for by 2022."

While there isn't any official news about a possible PC and Console game following the release of PUBG New State, it does not mean that the company will not just announce the same for the other platforms later. 

As for PUBG New State, the game shows a new map set in a city called Troi in the year 2051. The trailer reveals that there are drones flying overhead along with automated vehicles on the road in a city suburb.

Most of the weapons in the game seem similar to the ones that we have in the present generation of PUBG games. The weapon sounds seem to be the same as well. 

The vehicles have been revamped and players can call for loot boxes using drones and there are even shields similar to what we have seen in Call of Duty: Mobile.

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