Xiaomi halts buggy Android 11 update on Mi A3

With the dawn of the new year, users of Xiaomi’s only device running on near-stock Android – the Mi A3 finally got the latest Android 11 update. However, they also got a rude shock when they found that the latest firmware update was not only buggy but also rendered many devices dead.

According to XDA-developers, the latest firmware came with features like chat bubbles, improved media control to manage smart devices wireless Android Auto support, improved DND mode, and more. However, reacting to users’ complaints about the firmware bricking the devices, the Chinese smartphone maker decided to halt the update.

A quick search on twitter shows that hundreds of users updated their smartphones with the official firmware and later on took to twitter to rant out their anger once the smartphones stopped working altogether: 

However, that’s not all. Some users who took their now-bricked devices to the service center were left stunned when they were asked to pay for the repairs and the charges ranged between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 11,000. 

While the company accepted the mistake and has halted the update process, its support handle, not the primary Mi India Twitter handle mind you, could be seen responding to individual queries. 

The company is now asking the users to visit the service centres to get their devices diagnosed and has also urged the users to carry the invoice as well.

The love-hate relationship between firmware updates and Xiaomi’s A series is not new. Since the A series is the only device in Xiaomi’s line up that comes with a firmware closer to stock Android offering the best of both the worlds, it has had quite a fan base.

Earlier, the Android 10 update, that got delayed significantly and was stopped multiple times, installed a Mexican firmware to the global user base causing issues with the dual-sim support. 

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