Why you should order the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Series at Mobile Phones Direct

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G family is here "to make every moment epic" with its new range of three top-end phones that are the perfect companion as your next smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G are some of the most powerful and feature rich smartphones available, and they're three of the best phones on offer in 2021.

In fact, you can order the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G range now from Mobile Phones Direct.

But why should you go for a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G family smartphone from Mobile Phones Direct? First up, ordering will allow you to get your new phone the next day.

If you order now, you'll be one of the first to receive your new phone thanks to Mobile Phones Direct's free next day delivery, and the retailer is offering some of the best prices available for the next-gen handsets.

Plus, those who place an order now can also bag themselves a freebie. If you order the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, Galaxy S21+ 5G or Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, you'll be able to claim a free pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. This offer is only open to those who order before February 25, 2021.

Once you've ordered from Mobile Phones Direct, you'll be able to claim your free headphones directly from Samsung.

Which new Galaxy S21 is for you?

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The powerful Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (Image credit: Samsung)

So what new Samsung smartphone should you go for? If you want the absolute best spec available, opt for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G that sports impressive features that will give you the ultimate smartphone experience.

This is the largest - and therefore it features the biggest screen - smartphone in Samsung's new S21 series, and it comes with a metal design that means it feels premium and sleek.

It features an impressive four camera setup on the rear, which includes two telephotos sensors that work together so you're able to get some shots up to 100x zoom with better results than Samsung's last-gen phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra also works with the company's S Pen stylus, which means you're able to connect a small stylus to the handset so you can use it on the phone's huge 6.8-inch WQHD+ 120Hz display.

A big battery will allow the phone to keep running for a whole day - and perhaps even longer - plus it comes with the choice of either 128GB, 256GB or 512GB of space depending on which version you opt for.

If you're looking to spend a little less, Mobile Phones Direct are also offering the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G and Galaxy S21+ 5G that both come with similarly high-end spec, but for a touch less.

For example, these handsets still feature incredible 120Hz displays - although they're Full HD+ in resolution - with the Galaxy S21 5G at 6.2 inches and the Galaxy S21+ at 6.7 inches.

Both these handsets feature three rear cameras that can take up to 30x zoom. Top-end chipsets, internal spec and either 128GB or 256GB of storage space also mean these handsets will be your perfect pocket companion in years to come too.

Sharper snaps

Samsung Galaxy S21

The snap-happy Samsung Galaxy S21 (Image credit: Samsung)

The camera is a highlight of all three S21 series phones, and Single Take allows you to take a variety of photos with a single press of a button. Then, artificial intelligence technology immediately shows you the best shots taken from the phone's rear shooters.

Video recording is improved on these phones too with a dual recording feature that allows you to simultaneously film from both the front and the rear cameras. Want to see your reaction while you're filming your pets? You can now do that in a single take with this feature.

Other camera features include Samsung's best night mode yet so you can continue shooting in darker settings, a new Director's View feature that allows you to easily switch between the rear cameras without disturbing your video footage and improvements to the company's slow-mo cinematic shooting too.

What's happening inside?

Samsung Galaxy S21+

The stylish Samsung Galaxy S21+ (Image credit: Samsung)

All three of these smartphones come with 5G connectivity, if you're on a compatible network and data plan, plus a whole host of other top-end features such as super fast-charging, IP68 water and dust resistance as well as security features, such as access to Samsung Knox.

Ultra-wideband tech is also inside, and that allows you to make better use of smart home devices and even make your smartphone into a replacement for your car keys (if you have a compatible car). How does this work? The phone can essentially sense its location, and that means its spatial awareness tech can notice when you’re near to your car and unlock the doors.

All three phones also feature top of the line ultra fast processors that are based on 5nm technology for better performance and improved efficiency compared to your current smartphone. What are those improvements? The CPU is 28% better than the S20 series, and the graphics performance is 45% better.

Samsung has opted for a new design on its Galaxy S21 series that better accentuates the rear camera. It's now a different color to the rest of the device that draws the eye to the camera when you're looking at the rear of the phone.

Each S21 product features a premium feel build with Gorilla Glass protection on the phone's screen. Plus, you've got the choice of three different screen sizes meaning there's an option for everyone no matter what size phone you've been looking for.

Each handset comes in a variety of colors too, including the new Phantom Violet that combines a gold color camera alongside a purple rear of the phone that makes these new handsets really stand out.

The new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro also comes in the same Phantom Violet shade, so you can make sure your new accessories match your smartphone. You can order these headphones alongside your new S21 phone too.

You can order the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, Galaxy S21+ 5G or Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G from Mobile Phones Direct right now.

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