These bargain SIM only deals effectively start at £11.50 a month with loads of data

When it comes to SIM only deals you normally need to decide if you want to focus on affordability or having a lot of data. A recent set of Vodafone offers sits somewhere in the middle letting you have both.

These plans come from, offering up lots of data with a bunch of cashback to launch the costs back down. The one that really stands out offers 60GB of data at a price of just £16 a month.

That alone is a strong price but then the retailer also throws in £54 in cashback by redemption, effectively bringing your costs down to just £11.50 a month.

If that isn't enough data to get you through a month, the retailer has a second offer. It supplies you with double the data at 120GB. It also boosts the cashback to a ridiculous £198. However, you are paying £20 a month here and you're tied into a two year contract instead of the 12 month option above.

Whichever option stands out to you, we've listed the details of these two Vodafone SIM only deals below.

Black Friday SIM only deals

SIM only deals: This Vodafone cashback bargain in full:

Vodafone SIM only deal from | 12 month contract | 60GB of data | unlimited calls and texts | £16pm + £54 cashback by redemption
The cheaper of the two deals, this plan secures you 60GB of data at a price of just £16 a month. While that alone is an excellent price, it gets better through the addition of £54 in cashback. When you take that into account,  you're effectively paying just £11.50 a month instead.
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Vodafone SIM only deal from | 24 month contract | 120GB of data | unlimited calls and texts | £20pm + £198 cashback by redemption
60GB of data not enough for you? If you're powering through your data each month, this offer could be the better choice. It costs £20 a month but supplies you with 120GB of data instead. At that price, you're getting 120GB of data and a whopping £198 in cashback. However, this is a two year contract unlike the one year offer above.
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What are the benefits of being on Vodafone?

There are a few benefits to being in a contract with Vodafone, but the most obvious is its use of VeryMe. This is a rewards app that comes with Vodafone, allowing you to receive free coffees, get discounted film tickets, enter competitions and more.

On top of that, Vodafone offers the ability to roam in 48 EU countries and over 104 other destinations (with a small extra cost). And with all Vodafone SIM and mobile plans, you'll be getting access to both 4G and 5G depending on which phone you use.

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