PS5 stock tracker claims ‘huge third shipment’ is set to arrive soon

If you weren’t able to find any PS5 stock for Christmas and are still searching where to buy PS5, rumors suggest that more units will arrive during the first week of January. 

According to the PS5 stock tracker account Ps5Instant, which uses bots to sniff out whenever Sony’s elusive console reappears, the first week of January could be when “most” retailers receive more stock.

The account alleges that “a huge third shipment” of PS5 stock is inbound, and that the consoles will arrive in the hands of retailers on January 7 and January 12. However, with the UK now officially out of the European Union, there may be some disruption.

The account also claims that BT and EE will also get more PS5 stock on January 7, which could be a boon for BT and EE customers who want to buy a PlayStation 5. While it's hard to verify these claims, it's worth making a note of the date nonetheless. 

The PS5 has continued to flash in and out of stock at various retailers in the US, but stock has been a lot harder to find in the UK ever since pre-orders opened back on September 19, 2020.  

To make matters worse, the PS5 has been targeted by scalpers, bots and even thieves which has made stock even more scarce. Many have succumbed to paying over the odds to resellers and scalpers out of sheer desperation, with some users being scammed by fake PS5 listings

One PS5, please 

It's likely that PS5 stock will be easier to find during 2021, particularly as the initial wave of early adopters has now passed and Sony has had more time to refine its supply chain. We'll be checking all the major retailers regularly so you don't miss out when new stock does appear, so keep it locked to TechRadar for future updates.

While PS5 stock continues to be sold out as of writing, we've rounded up a selection of handy quick buy links so you can check all the retailers quickly and easily below.

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