Xbox Series S stock is back at Walmart, but you'll need to be quick

Xbox Series S stock is now back at Walmart for $299, but you'll have to wait until January 13 for the console to arrive.

Microsoft’s more affordable Xbox has proved to be just as popular as the flagship Xbox Series X, with Xbox Series S stock continuing to fly off the shelves as soon as it arrives. Microsoft has promised more stock is on the way, but the cheaper Xbox system continues to be hard to find in the US.

If you've been searching for the smaller Xbox Series, then, this is the perfect chance to pick up the console. You won't get it for Christmas, but at least you know you'll have the next-gen Xbox in the new year. 

The Xbox Series S has been one of the hottest products in 2020, and as more great titles come to Xbox, it's sure to be a big seller in 2021. Don't miss out before stock is snapped up once again, then.

Not in the US? Scroll down for the best Xbox Series S offers in your area. 

Xbox Series S deals:

Xbox Series S: $299 at Walmart
You can also grab Microsoft's more affordable Xbox from Walmart. The console will be delivered for January 13, but you can rest easy knowing you'll get your next-gen gaming fix in the new year. View Deal

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are in high demand right now, and for good reason. The cheaper Xbox Series S allows for next-gen gaming at 1440p resolution and up to 120fps thanks to its modern GPU and powerful CPU. 

We've written extensively about the Xbox Series S's features in our Xbox Series S review and were impressed by Microsoft's cheaper albeit less powerful machine. 

Xbox Series S accessory deals

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