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Struggling to think of the best Christmas gifts for PlayStation gamers? When you eventually get a wish list from your family or friends that love all things Sony, you'll undoubtedly see one thing at the top: a PS5

With the game-changing new DualSense wireless controller, striking peripherals, and arguably a better launch library than the Xbox Series X with a Demon's Souls remaster and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, there's plenty to be excited about with Sony's new console. The problem is, getting one is almost impossible (check out our guide on where to buy PS5 if you want stock updates). 

If you’re buying for the gamer in your life – or yourself – we have all the best Christmas gifts and holiday items for PlayStation fans right here. And that includes one of the best PS4 games released this year and other cool stuff, if you're struggling to get a PS5 right now.


(Image credit: Sony)

PS5 825GB console

Sony ushers in the next console generation

Innovative, comfortable controller
Much faster and more powerful
Solid launch library
Too large for some entertainment centers
Limited backwards compatibility
Good luck finding one...

The last console generation was dominated by the PlayStation 4, and the PS5 is primed to do the same again. With its striking design, new and exclusive games that will load significantly faster and the revolutionary new DualSense controller, Sony's next-gen machine is a tasty prospect.

Like its big rival in the Xbox Series S and X, the PS5 comes in two variants. However, the only difference here is one comes with a disc drive: the other is digital only. If you're considering the latter, remember that with the size of today's game downloads, the 825GB SSD storage space will fill up fast. 

Whatever you choose, this is the ultimate present to put under a PlayStation gamer's tree. That's if you can actually pick one up: keep tabs on where you can pick one up with our PS5 pre-order guide.

ps plus

(Image credit: Sony)

PlayStation Plus: 12-month subscription

Get multiplayer and monthly games

Includes monthly games
Additional archive of games on PS5
Monthly games aren't always great
Debatable value if you don't play online

A PS Plus membership is required to play most multiplayer games on PS4 and PS5, plus you get monthly free games to download and keep (while you're subscribed, anyway). If you're a PS5 owner, you also get the cool extra of the PS Plus collection, a selection of PS4 games you can enjoy on your new console that includes many of Sony's big hitters.

Since PS Plus membership stacks, too, this is a pretty evergreen gift, even for people who are already subscribed to the service. 

Ghost of Tsushima

(Image credit: Sony)

Ghost of Tsushima

A beautiful open world PS4 game

Incredible world to explore
PS5 patch makes it run loads better
Too much open world busywork

Sony kept the PS4 exclusives coming in 2020, with another extremely popular open world offering in developer Sucker Punch's feudal Japan-set adventure, Ghost of Tsushima. Expect a lot of sword-fighting, and to frequently be blown away by gorgeous vistas as you ride around the island of Tsushima, fending off a Mongol invasion. 

This game has also been wonderfully future-proofed for PS5, too, with a free patch unlocking an option to enjoy the game's incredible world at 60 frames per second. This is a great way to kill time across the next few months, however you play it. 

Crash Bandicoot Official Ugly Christmas Sweater

Crash Bandicoot Official Ugly Christmas Sweater

Merry Crashmas

100% knitted
Available in eight sizes
Literally nothing

What do you get the PlayStaton gamer who has everything?

This classic Crash Bandicoot themed Christmas jumper puts a fun spin on usual holiday attire, combining the best of festive cheer with the novelty of Crash's contorted face on your torso.

For maximum effect, couple that with the remastered Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy or Crash Team Racing, both remixed classics from PlayStation days of yore.

PlayStation Classic

PlayStation Classic

Replay those good ol' PS1 memories

Plug and play so easy to set up
Preloaded with 20 games
A lot of classic titles missing
Harder to find for its retail price in 2020

Sadly, the Sony PlayStation Classic wasn't as big a hit as the Nintendo NES Classic and SNES Mini, despite the popularity of the original console. But, strangely, in 2020, it's become a sought-after item, with the average price now creeping above its retail price. If you can still get one, it's a great gift for a long-time PlayStation fan. 

Like the other retro consoles, the PlayStation Classic looks remarkably like its inspiration, the very first PlayStation - only smaller - and is packed with gems from that console.

There are a lot of big names missing, likely due to licensing issues and the existing remastered collections of Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot games. But for a PlayStation fan wanting to revisit the likes of Rayman, Tekken 3, Metal Gear Solid, or Final Fantasy VII, and some other lesser known titles from gaming history, this mini PlayStation console could make a fantastic gift under the tree this Christmas.

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Playstation Icons Light

PlayStation Icons Light

Light up your gaming setup

Stylish gaming gift
Three distinct lighting settings
So unnecessary

This USB-powered PlayStation Icons Light turns the mundane shapes on your controller buttons into stylish lighting fixtures. Perfect for a bedside table or overhead shelf to look fondly down on your gaming setup.

There are even three lighting settings: one standard, one that lights up individual shapes in a random sequence, and one that lights up in response to music – the last clearly made with those late night gaming sessions in mind.

PS5 Pulse 3D headset

(Image credit: Sony)

PS5 Pulse 3D headset

A headset fit for next gen

Striking design matches the PS5
Comfortable for various head shapes
Immersive surround sound
Wireless battery not amazing
Hard to find in stock

Playing the latest games on a cutting-edge console on a top-of-the-range TV is wonderful and all, but won't deliver its full potential without great audio. The PS5 3D Pulse headset gives you just that, whether your gaming at midday or deep into the early hours.

Matching the high concept white-and-black aesthetic of the PlayStation 5, the 3D Pulse headset comes with advanced, customized surround sound, noise-cancelling dual microphones, and all for a very reasonable price of $99.99 (£89.99 / AUS$159). If your loved one's PS5 pre-order is already locked in, this will be a welcome accompaniment. But like the main console, it's hard to find it in-stock.

Spyro Incense Burner

Spyro The Dragon Incense Burner


Breathes incense smoke out of its nose
No mess
Fire hazard, we guess?

Spyro! Incense! Merchandising! If you're after a neat novelty gift with a practical use, this could be the one for you. This Spyro The Dragon Incense Burner perches the loveable purple mascot on a stone pedestal with room for a small incense stick inside.

It's not the sharpest-looking toy out there, but for the sake of seeing incense smoke blowing out of Spyro's nostrils, this Activision-approved product may be the one for you.

Official Sony PlayStation Games Coasters

Official Sony PlayStation Games Coasters

Coast to an excellent Christmas

Retro aesthetic
Felt grip on underside
Not a substitute for actual games

These retro PlayStation coasters look just like those square plastic disc cases we used to love. With designs featuring Parappa the Rapper, Wipeout, Gran Turismo, and Destruction Derby, there's plenty of PS1 nostalgia to reminisce over while you sip a can of beer or mug of coffee.

There's great attention to detail, while the coasters feature a high-grip felt on the underside to stop it from sliding around the table. Great as coasters or just to have on display.

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