Samsung Galaxy S21 colors: what shades we expect

We won’t know for certain what colors the Samsung Galaxy S21 range will be available in until Samsung announces the range – something it’s rumored to be doing on January 14. However, we already have a very good idea of the likely Samsung Galaxy S21 colors, thanks to a number of leaks and rumors.

The bulk of the color rumors come from two big leaks, which are mostly in agreement, but a third leak also makes similar claims. And as well as leaks saying what colors the Galaxy S21 range is likely to be offered in, there have also been some showing exactly what all of the shades may look like.

Below then are all the shades that we’re expecting the Samsung Galaxy S21 range to be offered in based on what we’ve heard so far. Note however that availability of different colors will likely vary by region, so you may not be able to buy all of these where you are.

Phantom Black

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra leak

(Image credit: @OnLeaks / Voice)

Black is one of the standard, default colors that most phones are offered in, and the Samsung Galaxy S21 range is likely to be no exception.

That said, current rumors suggest that you’ll only be able to get the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in this shade.

The color is apparently called ‘Phantom Black’, but we’re not sure how much meaning that prefix really has, especially as all the rumored Galaxy S21 colors include it.

There’s every chance it will look similar to the ‘Cosmic Black’ of the Samsung Galaxy S21 range. Certainly, the render above shared by a leaker suggests it does.

Phantom White

White is another standard smartphone shade, but in the case of the Galaxy S21 range you’ll apparently just be able to get the standard Samsung Galaxy S21 in this shade.

You can see how this might look in the tweet above – basically, it looks white, and a lot like the Cloud White shade of the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Phantom Silver

Silver is almost as common as black and white, and we’re hearing that you’ll be able to get both the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in this color.

We've seen how this will likely look on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, as you can see above - basically, it looks exactly how you'd probably image.

It's worth noting that there isn’t a silver version of any of the Samsung Galaxy S20 models. So while it’s a common shade in general, it could be new this year for the Galaxy S range.

Phantom Violet

Samsung Galaxy S21

(Image credit: Android Police)

Phantom Violet is another rumored shade, and one that sounds like it could be a bit more interesting and different to the ones above. It’s also a color that doesn’t sound similar to any of the shades you can get the Samsung Galaxy S20 range in.

That said, we do still have a very good idea of how it will probably look, as a leaked – seemingly official – teaser video shows the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus in a very violet shade. You can see a still from that video above. The same color can be seen in a subsequent leak.

Unlike the other leaked colors this also includes as very different color on the camera block - a striking and likely divisive gold.

As well as the S21 Plus, Phantom Violet is also rumored to be one of the options for the standard Samsung Galaxy S21.

Phantom Pink

Phantom Pink is a shade that’s rumored to be offered on the Samsung Galaxy S21 and - depending on which leak you believe – possibly also the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. This is one of very few real disagreements between leakers so far when it comes to S21 range colors.

Our best look at this so far comes from high quality renders shared by Ishan Agarwal (a leaker with a solid track record), which you can see alongside the Phantom White shade above. However, another leak shows a seemingly bolder pink shade, so we’re not certain how this will come out yet.

Phantom Grey

Samsung Galaxy S21 leak

(Image credit: @OnLeaks)

Finally, there’s Phantom Grey, a shade which you can see the possible appearance of above, in renders shared by @OnLeaks (a leaker with a good track record).

This looks to be a fairly standard grey shade, and one that’s similar to the Cosmic Gray of the Samsung Galaxy S20 range. It’s understated and smart, but probably won’t turn heads like some of the colors above.

Having said that, another leak shows it in a much more black color, but we suspect that's a mistake, since black is rumored to be a separate color.

In any case, this is so far only rumored to be coming to the standard Samsung Galaxy S21.

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