Top 5 iPhone 12 deals of Black Friday 2020 - your definitive list for the new iPhone

Only a month into its lifespan, it was obvious that eyes would be keenly tracked on iPhone 12 deals this week. And, while prices haven't crashed quite as hard as on its predecessor last year, there are still some tempting prices to be had this Black Friday.

Coming from an array of retailers, all tastes are catered for. If you're somebody who hates the idea of parting with any cash whatsoever when you buy a mobile, there's a free-upfront option for you. We also have news on lower bills, huge data plans and a super affordable tariff if you can commit a bit longer.

Enough of the chat, on with the Black Friday phone deals with the shiny new iPhone 12 in focus.

1. iPhone 12 deal: Best value overall

iPhone 12: at Fonehouse | Three | £9.99 upfront | 100GB data | unlimited calls and texts | £45pm
Of all the hundreds and thousands of iPhone 12 deals out there, this one tops the lot. You only have to part ways with a tenner upfront to get the brand new iPhone and soooo much data. Or buy direct from Three for an extra £20. Total 2 year cost: £1,089
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2. iPhone 12 deal: Slash the bills

iPhone 12: at Mobile Phones Direct | £289.99 upfront| 100GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £29 per month
Understandably, sub-£30 bills are practically unheard of at the moment on the iPhone 12 (they're not even that common on iPhone 11 deals). But you get £29 a month bills and 100GB of data on O2, here - you just have to have a fair whack to start with. Total 2 year cost: £985
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3. iPhone 12 deal: Pay absolutely nothing upfront

iPhone 12 64GB: at Affordable Mobiles | EE | FREE upfront | 100GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £47pm
Considering just how new the iPhone 12 is to the market, this deal is unheard of, allowing you to walk away with this smartphone without dropping any cash initially. Loaded with a 100GB plan, all for under £50 a month - and on the UK's fastest 4G network, too. Total 2 year cost: £1,128
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4. iPhone 12 deals: For non-commitment-phobes

iPhone 12: at Sky Mobile | Swap24 | FREE upfront | 2GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £34 per month
Take up this iPhone 12 deal and avoid any pesky upfront costs, paying just £34 a month. Better still, whilst you will be locked into a 36-month contract, with Sky Mobile's Swap24 tariffs, you can choose to change your handset after just 24-months. Quadruple the data for an extra £2 a month. Total 3 year cost: £1,224
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5. iPhone 12 deals: Go Pro

iPhone 12 Pro: at Affordable Mobiles | Three | FREE upfront (with code TR30) | unlimited data, calls and texts | £55 per month
This offer on Three is easily the best option for those who need a lot of data.  The retailer Affordable Mobiles can supply you with a completely unlimited data cap while only charging £55 a month and nothing upfront when you apply the code TR30. Overall, that brings it far below a lot of the competing deals out there. Total 2 year cost: £1,320
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iPhone 12

(Image credit: Apple)

What's the new Apple iPhone 12 actually like?

Compared to the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, there is a far bigger leap in terms of differences and upgrades from the 11 to the shiny new iPhone 12. Some of these are, aesthetically, far more obvious than what sits under the hood. In short, though, the iPhone 12 is certainly deserving of the excitement that surrounded it in the lead up to its unveiling.

In a design that we haven't seen since Apple's first iteration of the iPhone SE, the iPhone 12 ditches the curves and returns to squared-off edges. This allows the Super Retina XDR display to sit more flush beneath the protective Ceramic Shield. Of course, as an OLED panel, this is something to truly marvel at, especially as this is the first time Apple has offered its most premium display across all devices, with the XR and 11's far less vivid LCD panel well and truly ditched.

Under the hood there is plenty to be excited about, too. Powered by the A14 Bionic chipset, Apple continues to hurtle ahead in terms of providing a fast, powerful processor. Of course, this is also Apple's first line-up of 5G-equipped handsets, meaning you'll be benefit from faster download speeds and more reliable bandwidth, too.

The camera performance has been increased in both low light photography and HDR 4K video, with the same dual set-up seen on the iPhone 11.

Apple has also come up with a new concept - Magsafe, snapping your phone into place on a wireless charger and allowing for magnetic attachments for your phone.

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