This Samsung Galaxy S10 deal offers 30GB data for just £21/pm this Black Friday

We all want a flagship phone, but with the eye-watering prices we've seen on Samsung S20 deals (although not quite so bad thanks to the current Black Friday deals), it's quite understandable that you'd be looking through the back-catalogue at previous top-of-the-range devices to get a premium experience for a budget price.

Enter Samsung Galaxy S10 deals – 2019 saw the Galaxy S10 introduced with much fanfare, but now it's been superseded by the S20, prices have crashed.

The best we've found is this Black Friday phone deal from Mobile Phones Direct. You can bag it with either 15GB of data for £21/pm, or a generous 30GB for just £23/pm on O2. Plus, on both plans data is currently tripled, so while you're only paying for 5GB, you're getting 15GB.

It's worth noting that the cheaper plan asks for £79 upfront, and the 30GB a more reasonable £49. But, if we're honest, it's still a proper bargain considering those monthly bills. 

Below we’ll run down these deals in detail, and help you decide which one of these deals is best for you.

Samsung Galaxy S10 | O2 | £79 upfront | Unlimited minutes and texts | 15GB data | £21 per month
If you're after the lowest monthly bills possible, this is the plan to go for. For just £21 you'll get a decent 15GB of data plus unlimited everything else. Plus, while £79 might sound like a hefty upfront cost, it's a positive bargain overall compared to the competition.
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Samsung Galaxy S10 | O2 | £49 upfront | Unlimited minutes and texts | 30GB data | £23 per month
For just £2 more a month, you could be doubling that data allowance to 30GB and shaving £30 off your upfront fee. Over the course of the 24-month plan, this works out less than £20 more expensive than the previous deal. What a bargain!
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So what's so good about the Samsung Galaxy S10?

While it's not quite the flagship it was in 2019 now that the Galaxy S20 is here, the S10 boasts some stonking specs that are now cheaper than ever.

Fitting perfectly between Samsung's affordable S10e and the mammoth S10 Plus, this phone is the ideal middle ground. You'll get a big, beautiful display, an in-screen fingerprint scanner and a powerful battery/processor combo.

Plus, a neat perk is the PowerShare feature – you'll effectively be able to turn the S10 into a wireless QI charger to power-up your friends' devices, or even your Galaxy Buds.

To top it off, you'll get an excellent camera that's only outdone by the likes of the Google Pixel, so if you're after a great value high-end phone that's still competitive with today's brand-new devices, it's definitely worth considering.

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