The official Lego Black Friday deals are here, and we've picked out the must-buys

While we've already seen loads of Black Friday Lego deals, the company itself decided to keep its sales under wraps until the day itself. Well, that day has come, so we can see what Black Friday bargains the company was saving for us.

These Black Friday deals on popular Lego sets generally knock 15% or 20% of the price off - that's generally how it is for Lego, and it echoes what we've been seeing in early Black Friday discounts.

We haven't listed all the discounted sets below - instead, we've just chosen the best. These are either on popular sets, or are discounts on sets other retailers haven't reduced. You can find the rest by clicking here.

It's worth pointing out Lego are throwing in some freebies to incentivize you to buy - if you spend £150 you get a Charles Dickens Diorama, and if you spend £40 in store you get a little Christmas tree set, though given the whole country is in lockdown, that's not really viable right now.

Not in the UK? The US deal is starting in a couple of hours, and we'll update this article with those deals when it does. If you're finding this article after they went live, click here to find them.

Official Black Friday Lego deals

Lego Creator Volkswagen T1 Camper Van: £84.99 £67.99 at (save £17)
This Volkswagen T1 Camper Van is one of Lego's rarer sets, so seeing it on offer is pretty impressive. It's a nice decorative model that would look great on a shelf for fans of the iconic vehicle.

Lego Chess Set: £45.99 £36.79 at (save £9)
After chocolate chess, Lego is probably the best way to play the classic strategy game. This set lets you build your own pieces and board, and doubles as a checkers board. We can only imagine the feeling of dismantling a piece you take.
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Lego City Passenger Train: £119.99 £95.99 at (save £24)
This large Lego set moves once you feed it batteries, using a remote control. If you've got other Lego City sets this will be a cool way to bring the town to life.
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Lego Friends Party Boat: £74.99 £59.99 at (save £15)
This Lego Friends set will make you sad it's not summer - it comes with a big boat, inflatable rubber ring, jet ski and three figures. If you know a Lego Friends fan this would make a good gift thanks to the price cut.
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Lego Marvel Iron Man Hall of Armor: £54.99 £43.99 at
Fans of Marvel will like this recreation of Iron Man's Hall of Armor from the third Iron Man film. It comes with loads of minifigures (many of them versions of the character's suit) but a few other gadgets too.
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Lego Technic Rough Terrain Crane: £229.99 £183.99 at (save £46)
This is the priciest Lego Technic set on offer as part of its Black Friday sales, though it's certainly not the most expensive out there. This kit comes with over 4,000 pieces and can be rebuilt into a Pile Driver if prefer.
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Lego Star Wars Droid Commander: £179.99 £143.99 at (save £36)
This Lego set lets you build Star Wars droids but also program them using an app. It's great for Star Wars fans as well as budding coders, or children looking to learn technical skills.

Not in the UK? Check out Lego prices in your region:

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