iPhone 12 possibly coming to South Africa in December

South Africans won't have to wait much longer for the new iPhones as they seem to be arriving in December, if all hints are to be believed. 

Cellucity posted a cryptic Tweet which has set SA twitter abuzz that the new range of iPhones will be here on December 18. 

The tweet, which just said "18th December.." followed by Apple emojis is hard to go on as full evidence.

MyBroadband said they also received confirmation from an industry source, though did not name the person or their affiliation.

While these tiny details aren't much to go on, they are enough to get people's hopes up. 

The new iPhones were unveiled more than a month ago, with customers in other countries being able to pre-orders the phone from October, 16. 

In previous years, South Africa's release wasn't far behind other countries, with only a few weeks lag time. 

In the case of the iPhone 12 and it's different versions, we have been kept waiting longer than usual. Hopefully, Cellucity aren't just teasing us. 

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