Black Friday PS4 deal: save 20% on PS Plus at Walmart

There's plenty of fantastic Black Friday PS4 game deals around this year, but there's one PS4 deal that we keep an eye out for every Black Friday: cheaper PS Plus. And, as expected, Walmart has come through, offering a 20% discount on a 12-month PS Plus subscription (Not in the US? Scroll down to see PS Plus 12-month membership prices in your region.)

You may be wondering why we're so excited about this PS Plus deal, but Black Friday is the absolute best time to pick up your annual PS Plus subscription - as it means that you don't have to renew your membership until next Black Friday when it will no doubt be on sale again. 

PS Plus not only grants access to online play on PS4 and PS5, but membership also comes with a bunch of perks. For a start, you get a handful of free games each month - for both PS4 and PS5 - and the games on offer are usually pretty good. This month's offering is Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and Hollow Knight, with Bugsnax available for PS5 owners. Typically PS Plus free games offer around $70 of free games a month - talk about a bargain.

PlayStation Plus 12 month subscription (email delivery): $59.96 $44.96 at Walmart
Save on a 12 month PS Plus membership with this Black Friday PS4 deal. You'll need PS Plus if you want to play online games on the PlayStation 4, but you'll also get access to 20 games as part of the PlayStation Plus Collection.View Deal

Not only does PS Plus membership straight-up offer you free games each month but you also get access to 24 free PlayStation games courtesy of the recently released PlayStation Plus Collection if you have  PS5.

PS Plus is great for PS4 or PS5 gamers for the free games and online play, and we can't recommend it enough for those who can't afford to buy new games all the time.

The free games per month work like a curated library, where Sony picks out titles it thinks you should play. We've discovered loads of favorites from it, that we wouldn't otherwise have gotten to try.

Getting PS Plus also gives you frequent discounts on the PS Store, more so than non-members can enjoy, and lets you play online multiplayer on games with it.

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Not in the US? Here are the best PS Plus 12-month subscription prices in your region right now:

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