Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Paul Casey 5-putted from awfully close to the hole at Royal Troon

Paul Casey had a tough time on the seventh green on Friday at Royal Troon. There’s no way to make this sound better than it does, so we’ll just say it: He five-putted the green.

Casey had a hard-swinging, right-to-left birdie putt that he left about 3 feet beyond the hole — a respectable effort. And that’s where the trouble started. He didn’t even hit the hole with his par putt. He put a mark down to line up the bogey putt from about 18 inches. He missed that one, going even farther past the hole for his next one for double bogey. On the same line as his second putt, he lipped that one out. Finally, he made the fifth putt for a triple-bogey 7.

145th Open Championship - Day Two

Despite the 7, Casey shot 3-over 74 on Friday at Troon, three better than his first-round effort. Nonetheless, Casey will not play the weekend.

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