Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tiger Woods not certain he'll play in 2016

With so much conjecture and rumor-mongering about when he'll return to golf, Tiger Woods made it somewhat clear a return isn't imminent.

Woods, who was tournament host at this week's Quicken Loans National, spent some time in the 18th hole tower with CBS' Jim Nantz and Nick Faldo. Before Woods left the booth, Nantz asked Woods if he had an idea of when he would return.

"I don't know," said Woods. "I want to play. Put it that way. I want to play. I don't know if I will. But I do want to. But I'm trying. I'm trying each and every day I'm doing my workouts. ... I'm working my tail off."

The 14-time major champion said earlier in the week that he has made progress in his rehab, now able to play 18 holes and improving his recovery and turnaround time from practice sessions. However, Woods maintained his stamina isn't where it needs to be to even give a PGA Tour event a test run. Woods also said it was critical that he can enjoy a standard of living off the course that will somewhat concurrently indicate his back and body are ready for rigors of competitive golf.

The 40-year-old recognizes the precarious nature of this potential comeback from two back surgeries last fall and three such procedures dating back to March 2014. 

Woods said, "I'm going to do it right so I don't have another surgery."

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