Friday, June 24, 2016

Don't worry, Brexit won't stop the Ryder Cup

The Brexit -- the U.K.'s decision to withdraw from the European Union -- may collapse the pound, cost the country billions in economic development and isolate it from the rest of the continent, but it won't affect the makeup of the European Ryder Cup team.

The European Tour, which handles the selection process and management of the biennial matches for the continent, made clear Thursday that the referendum results won't change how their 12-player side is determined.

"The UK remains a geographical part of Europe, even though it will no longer be part of the political or economic structure of the European Union," the European Tour said, according to

"The criteria for being European in Ryder Cup terms is a geographical one -- from countries who make up the continent of Europe -- not a political or economic one (countries who make up the EU). Therefore the result of the UK referendum has no bearing in Ryder Cup qualification terms."

The likes of Danny Willett, Rory McIlroy, Graeme McDowell, Andy Sullivan and Lee Westwood could make the team. That won't change.

The European Tour also won't change its flag for the Ryder Cup, continuing to use the same blue-and-gold flag.

"In terms of the flag flown to represent the European Ryder Cup team," the Tour said, "we consider that the blue and gold flag of Europe represents the continent of Europe and, as a broad symbol of Europe as a whole, we therefore plan to continue to use it."

At least one thing didn't get screwed up today by the U.K. vote.

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