Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Adam Scott sent ex-R&A head man long putter as retirement gift

Behind the sunglasses and stoic looks, Adam Scott has a good sense of humor.

With the start of the anchoring ban in 2016, all of the long and belly putters Scott has used since going to the anchored putting stroke in 2011 became, to him, scrap metal. So, Scott decided to have a little fun with one, sending retired R&A head man Peter Dawson a long putter as a gag.

"I actually sent one to Peter Dawson for his retirement," Scott said Thursday, according to the Associated Press.

Dawson was one of golf's leaders at the forefront of pushing the anchoring ban. Scott nearly won the 2012 British Open using the anchored long putter. However, down the stretch, he dropped a four-shot lead to lose to Ernie Els, who instead won with an anchored belly putter. Scott ultimately won his major at the 2013 Masters.

Scott said he didn't remember the note he sent to Dawson, but he did recall the Brit's reaction.

"He said he greatly appreciated the gesture," Scott said with a smile. "He said he'd put it with all the other obsolete clubs."

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